Coming Summer 2021

Make meaningful connections online & in the real world

real experiences

There's no place better to hang out than the real world.

Jikoo shows nearby experiences to explore with your friends. Get tickets to the movies, make reservations at a restaurant, or host an invite-only house party.

friendly notifications

Life is busy and keeping in touch is hard.

Jikoo encourages you to reconnect with the people you miss. It even reminds you about upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.

meaningful connections

Jikoo helps you stay in the moment and prioritize the people important to you.

View upcoming get togethers, chat with friends, and say how you really feel with emoji statuses.

close friends only

Jikoo is for the people who care about you most. So only a limited number of core, close, and casual friends get to make your list.

No more superficial interactions or unwanted notifications.

control your data

Jikoo keeps your data in your hands. Seriously, we mean it.

You can download or clear your usage data from our servers. And we do not, and never will, sell your data to third parties.

join the waitlist

Jikoo is currently an invite-only beta. Reserve your place in line for our Summer 2021 release on Android and iOS.

meet the founders

Serial entrepreneur, current business unit head at Smart Energy Water, and former Attabotics COO.

Product architect and user experience designer, and former CEO at Popular.

Product engineer and systems developer, and former Product Manager at Popular.

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